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  1. How do I find cheese making Ingredients and equipment near me?

    From Dodie:
    I am looking for a store to buy cheese making supplies that I can shop at in Colorado Springs. Not online but in person. I live in Yoder co. I noted that there might be classes?

    I have the best prices of anyone.

    Here are some cheese makers from my free big book – free pdf – please download choose “3. Richs Big Cheesy Book”

    about page 60 item XXIII They may help you but call them first .

    God’s HOW Ranch Julie in Elizabeth 60 m from Yoder
    Fruition, Val, in Larkspur, 62 Miles
    Ugly Goat Milk, Michael in Elizabeth
    Mini Moos Canon City 79
    Goat Cheese Lady West C Springs Lindsey 40 m
    I a 99 miles from Yoder

    Check with local beer and or wine making stores.

    Remember liquid rennet must be stored in a standard fridge (no light and about 36 F) while powder or tablet rennet as well as starter cultures must be frozen. Be wary of wine , beer makers or any store that don’t store these properly. They will become inert and useless unless stored properly

    Manitou Springs, CO Make your wine – D’Vine Wine
    There are several in Woodland park including with classes thru Stone creek farmstead 52 m

    My point is put google to work and you can find this and much more information.

    I think you should mail order
    If you are thinking you want help selecting ingredients take some time with the big book – you can see to make any hard or soft cheese (non mold) with the following 6 ingredients:

    1 Calcium Chloride (stiffen soft cheese especially with store bought milk)
    2 Citric Acid (Mozzarella and Ricotta)
    3 Rennet – Organic Vegetable liquid 2 oz. – coagulates milk
    4 Starter Mesophilic (needed for all hard cheeses like Feta and Cheddar)
    5 Cheese Cloth 2 yards drain curds from whey like cheddar
    6 Butter Muslin 2 yards drain small curds like ricotta

    The best mail order and they have time to explain ingredients a little bit is
    New England Cheese making Supply
    The best beginners cheese making book, Home Cheese Making was written by Ricki Carrol owner of above.
    Better prices but don’t ask for too much hand holding.

    Dairy Connection Best Prices for rennet, starter cultures, and molds, Madison, WI 608-242-9030 email but New England Cheese Company will hold you hand a lot more.

    Please see my main web page for times . dates and locations of classes.

    I’d come to Yoder ,for 50 each, if you bring a total of 4 or more and teach you any cheeses that can be taught in 3-4 hours. This includes Mozzarella, Ricotta and feta, all in one class. Brie I need another hour, Cheddar 8 hours and wax 4 days later. Hard or aged cheeses usually need a press but for sure need a cave .

  2. Hey just made mozzarella for the first time last night. It turned out GREAT! It was easy to make only took us like 30-40 minutes and it was delicious.
    – gillel0704

  3. Rich,
    Bought the mozzarella kit and made my first batch. Your directions were very easy to follow and the cheese was excellent!

    Thank You,
    Debbie Mc

  4. Hi Rich,

    I took your intro to cheese class this winter and am now interested in getting into hard cheeses. Do you have any classes for cheddar planned for the summer? As well, do you have any recommendations for “caves” in the form of fridges that work best for temp and humidity control? I unfortunately don’t have a basement or area cool enough to use instead.

    Thank you,

    • Carrie,
      Excellent question.
      I am planning cheddar classes every month at my house. Please see , select classes. I have not got all the remaining months planned but soon.
      Brie is still held at CFU and requires 3 people for a go.

      Is any fridge set ot 50-55 degrees.
      Check craigslist for a dorm fridge. Don’t pay more than 50 cause you buy a new one at Wal-mart for $75 and as low as $50 when on sale.
      Rich email if you want

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